Q: How do I keep my water barrels from freezing in cold winter temperatures?

A: Use a heated Powerblanket or other style drum heater listed below!

frozen 55 gallon drum

Q: What if my materials are flammable or toxic. Can I use an electric heater?

A: We’re not aware of any explosion proof electric heaters, but Powerblanket is UL/CSA certified and is used by several large gas & oil companies. Powerblanket is also used to wrap chemical tanks, gas valves, and oil pumps.

Frak Tank Oil Heater

Q: Does the Powerblanket get hot enough to melt ice and snow, or is it only used for keeping pipes & drums above freezing?

A: Powerblanket is effective at both preventing and thawing frozen pipes and drums.  The extra hot Powerblanket can achieve temperatures in excess of 150 degrees F.  Combined with it’s insulated backing, Powerblanket can thaw through the most stubborn frozen material in record time.  Over 50 thawing and heating model sizes to choose from.

6x12 monster thaw

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Prevent Barrel from freezing