Drum Heaters from Heat Authority is recognized as the 2014 industrial product of the year –

Heat, insulate, and protect a wide variety of materials.  Wrap it in a Heat Authority Drum Heater and you’ll never use another band heater or blower again. We guarantee it! Stop messing with hazardous heating belts and large bulky warming ovens. Heat Authority takes the hassle out of heating your temperature sensitive materials. Available in both fixed temperature and adjustable versions to insure you never over or under heat your materials again.

Heat Authority drum, bucket, tank, silo, tote and cylinder heaters are more efficient and use considerably less energy that conventional band heaters. Test results show HEAT AUTHORITY to be significantly more effective than band heaters at warming and insulating drums, buckets, pails, gas cylinders, and IBC totes. For the the fastest, easiest, and most affordable method for heating and maintaining the temperature of your industrial materials call (866) 805-4328 today.

Large Tank Heater

Heat Authority provides the latest technology in pail and drum heating from leading manufacturers.  Our full coverage drum, bucket and IBC tote heaters offer fixed or variable temperature controls and high wattage output for even the most demanding heating applications. Quickly bring your products to temperature. Ideal for:

        • Viscosity & Temperature Control
        • Thawing & Freeze Protection
        • Heat Gear Oil, Biofuel, Biodiesel & DEF
        • Melting of Solids like Wax
        • Honey & Molasses Drum Heating
        • Heating of Drums, Pails, Totes and Tanks
        • Safely Heat Chemicals in Drums & Pails
        • Heat Epoxy Resins Stored in Barrels
        • Temperature Control for Industrial Materials


FREE SHIPPING  when you order online.  Need a drum or barrel heater to help heat up your products and resolve viscosity issues?  Are your drum products difficult to pump and pour?  Is cold weather slowing down your production process?  Time is money ~ let us help you solve your viscosity issues by heating your drums and barrel materials with a full-wrap barrel warming jacket.  Available in 120V & 240V options. Call 866-805-4328 to order your drum heater today.  100’s of available options and all with free shipping.